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  • I was really excited when Amazon Prime first started hyping Citadel. But now… four episodes in, I’m like, “They spent $300 million for this?” All the paid-for articles hyping it up to high heavens aren’t fooling me. This show is an expensive mistake and because of the high price tag, everyone is desperate for it

  • svgJanuary 11, 2023Culture & Entertainment

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    The new show Kaleidoscope on Netflix is a heist type of show that apparently you can watch in any order you want.  I decided to watch it in chronological order, which means: 1. “Violet” (24 years before the heist) 2. “Green” (Seven years before the heist) 3. “Yellow” (Six weeks before the heist) 4. “Orange”

  • svgDecember 28, 2022Culture & Entertainment

    Been bingeing a lot of spy thrillers on the streaming platforms lately. The Recruit and Treason on Netflix, and Slow Horses on Apple TV+. All quite amazing. Each offering a different storytelling style and absolutely superb casting. I am particularly enthralled by Noah Centineo in The Recruit. Dude is seriously expanding his wheelhouse. Also, it’s