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    Watching the Wham! documentary on Netflix.  God they were so fit and gorgeous. 😍😍😍🥵🥵🥵 Update: Just finished the documentary.  Man, that Andrew Ridgeley is a solid bloke.  He was a true and genuine friend to George Michael.  I wish I had plenty of Andrew Ridgeleys.

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    I recently binge-watched the suspense thriller series 1899.  I was all in for this show and consumed it madly.  The series finale really got me looking forward to more seasons.  There is so much more to tell and there are so many things the show could explore. But alas, it turns out it has been

  • svgJanuary 30, 2023Culture & Entertainment

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    Started watching Lockwood & Co. on Netflix. Instantly fell in love with the show. It’s giving Harry Potter slash Supernatural slash Nancy Drew. 😍 And, Cameron Chapman. 😍😍😍

  • svgJanuary 11, 2023Culture & Entertainment

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    The new show Kaleidoscope on Netflix is a heist type of show that apparently you can watch in any order you want.  I decided to watch it in chronological order, which means: 1. “Violet” (24 years before the heist) 2. “Green” (Seven years before the heist) 3. “Yellow” (Six weeks before the heist) 4. “Orange”

  • svgDecember 31, 2022Thirst

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    Watching The Recruit on Netflix has got me reconsidering Noah Centineo’s hotness lately.  The former Disney child star has certainly grown into one fine mensch.  Must be the combination of Italian, Dutch and Native American genes.  The man is H-O-T. Like, the more you look at him, the more he draws you in, the hotter

  • svgDecember 28, 2022Culture & Entertainment

    Been bingeing a lot of spy thrillers on the streaming platforms lately. The Recruit and Treason on Netflix, and Slow Horses on Apple TV+. All quite amazing. Each offering a different storytelling style and absolutely superb casting. I am particularly enthralled by Noah Centineo in The Recruit. Dude is seriously expanding his wheelhouse. Also, it’s