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  • svgApril 21, 2023Living

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    Every year I always say that I will finally get that summer body I’d been longing for since 2008 when I last weighed at 130 lbs. But it never happens. I always end up the same old blobby mess come June. Well this year I am not having it. Even if it kills me I

  • svgFebruary 3, 2023Living

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    I just found out that the aspartame in Diet Coke (that I love so much and drink on the regular) gets converted to formaldehyde (you know, the stuff they use to treat corpses so they don’t decompose so quickly) once it’s inside a person’s digestive system and the body does its work of breaking it

  • svgJanuary 28, 2023Living

    Alright, time to get off my ass and do some fitness stuff.  

  • svgDecember 31, 2022Living

    Only a few hours left in 2022. It’s been a generally crap year for me so I am glad to say good riddance to it. This coming new year, I resolve to go back to my old fitness routine and have a better grip on my eating habits (I’m going to restart my intermittent fasting