Kaleidoscope on Netflix

The new show Kaleidoscope on Netflix is a heist type of show that apparently you can watch in any order you want.  I decided to watch it in chronological order, which means:

1. “Violet” (24 years before the heist)

2. “Green” (Seven years before the heist)

3. “Yellow” (Six weeks before the heist)

4. “Orange” (Three weeks before the heist)

5. “Blue” (Five days before the heist)

6. “White” (The heist)

7. “Red” (The morning after the heist)

8. “Pink” (Six months after the heist)

I decided to do this three episodes in in the order that Netflix presents the episodes, so I have had to rewatch them. 🥴😵‍💫

I know it’s lame and lacks imagination.  Sorry but I just don’t have the time to piece together shit. This is supposed to be entertaintment, not the freaking SATs!



What do you think?

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    Kaleidoscope on Netflix