• svgJanuary 28, 2023Living

    I was talking with someone the other day and noticed the person kept picking their ear and then proceeding to lick their finger afterward.  It was so distracting.  I couldn’t focus on what was being said because I was so grossed out.  Is it a fetish of some kind?  Or just a nervous habit the

  • svgJanuary 28, 2023Living

    Alright, time to get off my ass and do some fitness stuff.  

  • svgJanuary 26, 2023Living

    I have been dream walking a lot lately that sometimes when I wake up in this universe, I think I have been to a place I’ve never been to, or held an item that I have never personally seen or touched ever. The edges are blurring. Or am I losing it? 👀

  • svgJanuary 12, 2023Living

    Whilst standing on a street corner waiting for someone today I was mistaken for a homeless person. A group of Samaritans walking around with food and water on a cart came up to me and tried to give me aid and relief. 👀💀😭 I guess I’m serving poor and needy today. 🤡🙈🥴 #HomelessCouture

  • svgJanuary 7, 2023Living

    Polishing off a belated festive steak dinner with a crème brûlée. 😗

  • svgJanuary 3, 2023Living

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    A 24-year-old handegg player for the Buffalo Bills fighting for his life after suffering cardiac arrest during a game sort of makes one take stock of one’s lifestyle choices. If it could happen to him, a fighting fit professional sports player, it could happen to anyone.  And just like that, death could come knocking and

  • svgDecember 31, 2022Living

    Only a few hours left in 2022. It’s been a generally crap year for me so I am glad to say good riddance to it. This coming new year, I resolve to go back to my old fitness routine and have a better grip on my eating habits (I’m going to restart my intermittent fasting

  • svgDecember 26, 2022Living

    We went out to have some Boxing Day brunch today.  We wanted to try Pür & Simple because we’ve been meaning to for a while, and we heard good things.  When we got there, we were told there was going to be a 25-minute wait. Even though we could clearly see multiple empty tables that

  • svgDecember 26, 2022Living

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    I finally got around to putting together the Lego puzzle that I got for my birthday. I’ve been putting it off not because of laziness (well, maybe a little bit), but it’s mostly because I regarded it as yet another task that I have to polish off on an already long and seemingly endless list.

  • svgDecember 25, 2022Living

    Ran out of Scotch tape and had to run to Walmart to get some before they close for the day. Oy vey. What a gong show. Remind me not to do that again. Oof. Merry Christmas, darlings!