The Shirtlifter

  • svgDecember 26, 2022Living

    We went out to have some Boxing Day brunch today.  We wanted to try Pür & Simple because we’ve been meaning to for a while, and we heard good things.  When we got there, we were told there was going to be a 25-minute wait. Even though we could clearly see multiple empty tables that

  • svgDecember 26, 2022Living

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    I finally got around to putting together the Lego puzzle that I got for my birthday. I’ve been putting it off not because of laziness (well, maybe a little bit), but it’s mostly because I regarded it as yet another task that I have to polish off on an already long and seemingly endless list.

  • svgDecember 25, 2022Living

    Ran out of Scotch tape and had to run to Walmart to get some before they close for the day. Oy vey. What a gong show. Remind me not to do that again. Oof. Merry Christmas, darlings!

  • svgDecember 23, 2022Thirst

    I’ve been an Ari Melber stan since he first started punditting (I officially call dibs on inventing that word if it hasn’t already been claimed) on MSNBC.  The man is not only brilliant and smart, he is bloody gorgeous as well.  Naturally, as is the wont of any red-blooded thirsty gay worth his ilk and

  • svgDecember 20, 2022Current Events

    I watched bits and pieces of the recap that Rachel Maddow and her team were doing on MSBNC. I was enthralled by this dreamy aide behind Congressman Jamie Raskin. This Congress really knows how to engage the thirsty gay demographic! 😛

  • svgDecember 18, 2022Living

    Trying this one more time. Maybe it will stick, maybe not. Hopefully it’ll be fun before it turns to hell. Come sit down and stay awhile. Say hi if you’re feeling enthused. Or just lurk. Whatever.