2xy.org began in the early ’00s at the height of the blogging craze when oversharing was the hip thing to do and all the cool kids were doing it. It was even nominated for an award.

After personal missteps and life changing circumstances, 2xy.org went through changes around 2006 and was eventually shuttered as a personal blog.  This was around the time Twitter took off and stole the thunder.  Personal blogging pretty much became passé and everybody and their grandma started “tweeting.” 

In 2022, after Twitter got taken over by a boorish, spoiled, rich, entitled troll, 2xy.org was dusted off and resuscitated as a personal blog, more than 20 years after it debuted and regularly scandalized the masses.

Old habits, it seems, die hard.  Let the oversharing resume!

Dramatis personae

The Shirtlifter is a heterogametic believer in the power of crystals who dabbles in obsolescence and austerity. A confessed librarian wannabe and professional moper, he is currently incubating an alien inside his torso and has zero friends on Facebook.


Picture it… a windswept, frozen tundra that’s in dire need of a Zara, where pierogies and cabbage rolls roam free, and where an Oswego farm boy coulda been a contender.  That’s where most of the action happens around here these parts.

What the hell is the modern art of shirtlifting?

It’s fashion.  It’s style.  It’s swag.  It’s drip.  It’s passion.  It’s honesty.  It’s fearlessness.  It’s living. It’s everything, darling. Tradwives could never.