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  • svgDecember 31, 2022Living

    Only a few hours left in 2022. It’s been a generally crap year for me so I am glad to say good riddance to it. This coming new year, I resolve to go back to my old fitness routine and have a better grip on my eating habits (I’m going to restart my intermittent fasting

  • svgDecember 31, 2022Thirst

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    Watching The Recruit on Netflix has got me reconsidering Noah Centineo’s hotness lately.  The former Disney child star has certainly grown into one fine mensch.  Must be the combination of Italian, Dutch and Native American genes.  The man is H-O-T. Like, the more you look at him, the more he draws you in, the hotter

  • svgDecember 29, 2022Culture & Entertainment

    I miss this guy and his amazing voice.  I wish he’d put out more pop albums, but it seems he has completely retreated from pop music altogether since the release of his sophomore LP Lovelife back in 2007. 🙁 I wonder what he’s up to these days.  It seems he’s got no social media presence

  • svgDecember 28, 2022Culture & Entertainment

    Been bingeing a lot of spy thrillers on the streaming platforms lately. The Recruit and Treason on Netflix, and Slow Horses on Apple TV+. All quite amazing. Each offering a different storytelling style and absolutely superb casting. I am particularly enthralled by Noah Centineo in The Recruit. Dude is seriously expanding his wheelhouse. Also, it’s

  • svgDecember 27, 2022Culture & Entertainment

    I’m on my third rewatch of the legendary TV show Golden Girls and I just never get bored with it, even though I know all the punch lines. It’s my go-to whenever life deals me a wretched hand and I need a pick-me-upper. This year has been one wretched hand after another, and it’s been

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  • svgDecember 27, 2022Culture & Entertainment

    Somebody needs to get this lady on MSNBC some gel to fix her distracting flyaway.

  • svgDecember 27, 2022Technology

    After years of fiscal mismanagement, it seems Twitter’s demise can no longer be denied.  It being taken over by a pretend genius man baby who doesn’t really know what he’s doing and whose only reason for buying it at a tremendous loss is “to own the libs” is pretty much the death knell. I make

  • svgDecember 27, 2022Culture & Entertainment

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    We bought tickets for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tonight (I know, we’re a little late jumping on this one).  We were really excited as we sat down in our recliner seats, popcorn and nachos in hand.  Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as the film projector conked out after about 30 minutes. The dodgy

  • svgDecember 26, 2022Living

    We went out to have some Boxing Day brunch today.  We wanted to try Pür & Simple because we’ve been meaning to for a while, and we heard good things.  When we got there, we were told there was going to be a 25-minute wait. Even though we could clearly see multiple empty tables that

  • svgDecember 26, 2022Living

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    I finally got around to putting together the Lego puzzle that I got for my birthday. I’ve been putting it off not because of laziness (well, maybe a little bit), but it’s mostly because I regarded it as yet another task that I have to polish off on an already long and seemingly endless list.